The Top 4 4th of July Promotional Ideas for Bars

Business often times close for the 4th of July. It’s seen as a slower holiday, as many travel to spend time on a boat, a beach, with their families, etc. What many don’t realize is that it can be an opportunity to offer unique specials, deals, and patriotic promotions to celebrate the holiday while bringing in new business on what would otherwise be a slow day.

Here are a few 4th of July promotional ideas perfect for any bar or restaurant! 

$4 Drink Deals

There are a variety of ways to offer this holiday themed deal. You could do an all special where select drinks are discounted to $4. Maybe for just a few hours all drinks are offered for $4, or you even create a red, white, and blue drink just for the day. Whatever you decide, cheap drink deals are one of the best ways to bring in customers, no matter the holiday.

Backyard BBQ Food Specials

Restaurants have the capability to offer anything they have the ability to make. Things on theme with a backyard BBQ or picnic, like ribs, brisket, etc. can bring in those that can’t attend one themselves. Bars have to get slightly more creative if they want to offer food deals, as they have limited kitchen abilities. If your bar has a nice patio or rooftop, you could consider creating your own version of a backyard BBQ. You could offer a “build your own hot dog bar” since they are easy to make and can sit out for a while.

Backyard Games/Competitions

If you have an area that’s fitting for it, backyard games are a great way to bring in people of all ages. Games such as cornhole is something that’s easy to transport and easy to play. Start an annual competition that’s held at your bar/restaurant. You could turn your cornhole game into a tournament or plan a hotdog eating contest. Offer the winners prizes that will turn them and their friends into repeat customers.

Post-Firework Party

If there are fireworks near your business consider holding a special event for those 21 and up after the display. Better yet, if your bar offers a great view of the display, hold a party during. $20 admission for free keg beer or all you can drink domestics, while offering red white and blue jello-shots. As previously mentioned, offer cheap drink deals and the people will follow.

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Until then, happy Independence Day from all of us at Vipply!