The Secret To A Successful Bar: Lighting

The food can be delicious, the drinks perfectly chilled, the service outstanding, but if the light isn’t right, the sales won't be reaching their highest potential.

According to Ledvance, research has found that “72% of respondents had left a venue earlier than planned because it was too brightly or poorly lit,” whilst “74 % of respondents had stayed longer than planned because the lighting made them feel relaxed and welcome.”

Vipply is here to give you the best tips in terms of lighting to ensure your bar is set up for success!

Use light to guide people around your venue

When someone enters a venue, they should know within the first few seconds where to go and where to find what. Use lighting to your advantage with different focal points or areas. For example, your bar is one area of your establishment that you will want to make sure is a central focus. A very simple way to do this is installing Vipply LED light shelves and light tiers showcasing your liquor in an attractive way.

Set the right mood by using light

In most establishments, lighting needs to be adjustable, manually or automatically to different occasions, times of day, amount of daylight (seasons), etc. Vipply LED light shelves and light shelf tiers are perfect for this: Powered with super-bright color-rich LED lights you can instantly change the color, brightness and programming of your light shelf with the touch of a button from your wireless remote. Our LED’s are rated for over 50,000 working hours, they create virtually no heat and are green rated for their efficiency and durability.

Set your bar up for success with Vipply!

Increase your liquor sales faster than ever and invest in the high-quality Vipply LED Stepped Bar Shelves. Contact us today for any questions regarding our bar products, or click here to start shopping!