The Essential Guide to Restaurant Mood Lighting

Careful consideration of your chosen lighting in bars, restaurants, nightclubs and your home is the starting point of setting the atmosphere of the room. You want an inviting space that welcomes you from a hard day’s work, or a well lit bar space that brings a warm welcome to your customers.

As the temperature drops further it's never been more important to draw people from their homes and venture out to your venue. Vipply LED Light shelves and tiers create a warm and welcoming atmosphere, by choosing subtle warm tones such as gold and red you can create a welcoming ambiance. The eye-catching, sleek design and tones will highlight the products or bottles you're displaying, encouraging sales and simply lifting the atmosphere to a warm, inviting setting!

Basic rules about lighting in a restaurant:

Imagine yourself in a restaurant with your partner. Interior is beautiful, service is excellent, but the lights are so bright that they permanently destroy your idea of enjoying an intimate atmosphere. Great food, good servers and nice interior can not make up for the feeling of discomfort created by the bright lights. In these conditions, food changes color as well, the meat is grey and vegetables are bluish. This is a tragedy, caused entirely by inappropriate lighting.

Lighting is designed for the person

In gastronomy, customer comes first. Above all, it is important that the customer feels good and one of the more important factors in achieving this is lighting. It is designed primarily for the customer, not to fit the architecture of the restaurant, and this is the first and last rule in creating good lighting.

Good lighting involves combining daylight with electric light. Daylight is naturally the most comfortable and the task of the electric light is to imitate it. This combination is crucial in having pleasant lighting, all of which can be achieved by your Vipply LED light shelves on your restaurant bar.

The color of lights is important too since it influences human emotions and moods.

One must be cautious with various colors since the wrong selection can very easily create kitschy or circus-like atmosphere. Colors can be used to accentuate certain details or moments when necessary. They need to be adjusted to the function of the space and the colors of the surrounding environment as well. Vipply bar shelves and tiers have hundreds of color and shade combinations to create the exact atmosphere you're after.

Lighting by meals

Breakfast: lots of light is needed so that customers can read the morning newspapers while enjoying their coffee and breakfast. Try a bright white Vipply shade to achieve this.

Lunch: if you are a fast food restaurant, a moderate level of lighting will help to create a fast turnover of customers, especially needed for lunch rushes. Try a slightly dimmer level of brightness and mix up the colors slightly, like a deeper green and perhaps a faded effect on your bar shelves.

Dinner: the dinner hour requires a low intensity of light to create an intimate and leisurely atmosphere. We're talking a dim amber color to highlight your bar area and illuminate the dining area.

Lighting is defined by the space and its usage

Success of the lighting in a certain space is measured by impressions and feelings of people for whom the space is designated. Lighting also needs to be integrated with the architecture and the rest of the interior design.

In restaurants and other closed establishments, lighting needs to be adjustable, manually or automatically to different occasions, times of day, amount of daylight (seasons), etc. Vipply LED light shelves and light shelf tiers are perfect for this: Powered with super-bright color-rich LED lights you can instantly change the color, brightness and programming of your light shelf with the touch of a button from your wireless remote. Our LED’s are rated for over 50,000 working hours, they create virtually no heat and are green rated for their efficiency and durability.

Lighting is designed primarily for the person, not to fit the restaurant’s architecture or interior design. This is the first and the last rule in creating good lighting in any type of establishment. Shop now!