Raise the Bar This New Year.

It's 2018 people... time to take your bar from glum to glam with Vipply!

Are you looking for ways to transform your bar and get it looking fresh and new again? Are you sick and tired with the same old decor and vibe in your venue? Looking for ways to modernize without breaking the bank? There are a multitude of ways to do so, but most come at a price. It's time you invested in LED light shelves and light shelf tiers from Vipply. 

Appearance of your bar influences the number of customers you have. Now, updating your bar has never been easier with Vipply's LED liquor shelves, you can simply set your light up shelf on any flat existing surface, no installation required; create a floating effect with one of our wall mount kits or organize your bar with one of our two, three or four step tier kits.

Create a clean, relaxed and sophisticated atmosphere any time, anywhere. Powered with super-bright color-rich LED lights you can instantly change the color, brightness and programming of your light shelf with the touch of a button from your wireless remote. Our LED’s are rated for over 50,000 working hours, they create virtually no heat and are green rated for their efficiency and durability.

In search for a standout centerpiece in your venue? Check out our giant turbo marquee letters and see your name in lights!

We pride ourselves on being the premier manufacturer of high-end LED lighted shelving. Vipply proudly is #1 in quality, design and customer service.

Don't settle for bar decor looking a little dated... your customers don't miss a thing! With our lifetime warranty on all our shelves and tiers, let 2018 and beyond be the year of light with Vipply.