How To Increase Your Bar’s Sustainability

In 2019 sustainability is more important than ever, especially to consumers. With rising concerns for Earth’s wellbeing, customers are opting out of supporting many products and business known to be environmentally harmful.

You don’t want to find your bar losing business because you let your social responsibility slip during the time it’s most important. Follow these fresh tips that will help save the environment, and potentially your business.

Cut Down on Ice

Ice is a big contributor to unnecessarily used and wasted water. Shaken cocktails normally use two sets of ice, first in a shaker when mixing, then the drink is poured over a fresh set on ice for presentation. According to a Bloomberg Travel article, each drink made this way can consume up to 2 liters of water. Some bars have adopted the method of premixing cocktails in large batches and storing them at cool temperatures, and some places even pull them from taps.

Eliminate One Time Use Plastic and Paper

While drink garnishes may be aesthetically pleasing, their purpose doesn’t expand to anything more than just producing waste. Swap paper napkins for reusable coasters, swap metal spoons for bartenders to test drinks instead of the tiny plastic straws, or if possible, skip out on straws all together.

Consider Your Purchasing Cycle

If you’re ordering fruits and other food items that are out of season, it takes a lot of transportation to get them to your business. One way to reduce your carbon footprint is by shrinking your farm-to-table processes to be as small as possible. There are also many suppliers that use recycled material to make their own products. Consider how your products are grown or made, processed, and transported. Think about making the change to doing business with more eco-friendly suppliers.

Use LED Lighting

LED lights are eminently more efficient than traditional fluorescent and incandescent lights. LED converts 95% of its energy into light, wastes only 5% as heat, and requires much less power than traditional lighting. They also contain no toxic elements and have a significantly longer lifespan, all which lessens carbon emissions.

LED Light Shelves From Vipply

With Vipply’s LED light bar shelves you can increase not only the sustainability of your bar, but the ambiance as well. They’re super bright, have the ability to change brightness and color by just the click of a button, and an average lifespan of 50,000 hours. These LED shelves can be personalized to fit into any bar. Check out our line of eco-friendly products here !