How To Increase Beverage Sales FAST

It’s the million dollar question every bar owner asks: How can I increase beverage sales? Good news! Vipply has your answer: Vipply LED Stepped Bar Shelves. 

Lighted liquor shelves are essential to any bar. It's very important to invest in quality over cheap, overpriced materials. Vipply bar shelves are the way to go! They are the slimmest, brightest shelves on the market and the only ones not to contain cheap plastic or wood bases. Vipply shelves are constructed with an aluminum base, high-quality frosted acrylic tops, and brilliant LED lights.

Vipply’s LED Light shelves and light shelves tiers have 8 dim/brightness settings so you can get the perfect mood lighting you desire. Phillips lighting and German Lighting research companies have now proven that lighting affects sales directly. Specifically LED lighting increases sales. 

So what are you waiting for?

Increase your liquor sales faster than ever and invest in the high-quality Vipply LED Stepped Bar Shelves. Contact us today for any questions regarding our bar products, or click here to start shopping!