Getting Your Bar Summer Ready

Vamp Up Your Bar for Summer 2019!

The weather is getting warmer, college students are finishing finals, and summer is almost in session. Whether you’re prepared or not, people are coming to celebrate! Don’t fall behind, follow these quick tips to get your bar ready to rock this summer!

1. Update Your Lighting

LED bar shelves from Vipply are a great way to brighten up your bar for the summer. Super bright, with the ability to change colors with just the click of a button, these shelves can be customized to be perfect for bars of all themes. With an average lifespan of 50,000, you’re sure to get your money’s worth out of Vipply’s LED bar shelves. Check out our extensive line of products here

2. Update Your Menu

Coming up with creative summer cocktails is a great way to let your bartenders show off their skills and to satisfy your customers. Using local produce can make drinks more natural, fresh, and fun! To be more cost effective you can incorporate ingredients you already keep in stock. Colorful cocktails that include immediately take on a summery feel.

3. Get Creative With Promotions

Remember, it’s summer! It doesn’t take much convincing to get people to come out earlier and stay out later. Give them a reason to choose your establishment over the competition. New summer happy hour deals get customers excited, whether they’re regulars or just checking you out for the first time. There’s also the potential to plan accordingly with other events happening in your community. Maybe there’s a concert nearby and you offer $1 off drinks for a few hours before. Deals are always a great way to generate new traffic.

4. Shape Up Your Outdoor Space

If you’re lucky enough to have a patio or a rooftop, make sure everything is up and ready to go as soon as possible. After a long and harsh winter, people are ready to get outside at the first sign of nice weather. Dust off the outdoor furniture and make sure nothing needs to be replaced. If it’s been a few years, maybe consider updating all of it. A fresh look for the summer never hurts.

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