Creating An At Home Bar - The Necessities

Are your days of Friday happy hours and clubbing becoming things of the past? Good news, Friday's spent at home with friends can be just as fun! Of course, these "adult playdates" are always more fun with a spirited drink, but it can be challenging to entertain a variety of guests. Anyone and everyone can benefit from an at-home stocked bar, and Vipply is here to help you get your at-home bar started!

Step #1: Get yourself a cocktail book. 

It's always a good idea to have one of these handy to feel comfortable with mixing and making cocktails. A how-to guide will help you get a solid understanding of spirits, mixers, and general cocktail foundations. 

Step #2: Purchase drink ingredients that you like.

Go with what you know! If you're a big whiskey or vodka drinker, have several of these spirits on hand. At the end of the day, it's your bar so there's no need to have gin if you're not a fan of it. The only time we advise otherwise is if you entertain often, you'll most likely want to have a wider variety of spirits and liquors. 

Step #3: Make your bar visually appealing. 

This is the most important step to ensure that your at-home bar is an area that you're proud of and your friends will also enjoy. The best decor to invest in is one that will display your collection of spirits in the most appealing way, and that is done with Vipply LED Bar Shelves! Powered with super-bright color-rich LED lights, you can instantly change the color, brightness and programming of your light shelf with the touch of a button from your wireless remote. This way you will always be able to match the atmosphere of any get-together you may have. 

Shop now for your very own Vipply LED Bar Shelves to wow your guests at your at-home bar!