Best Bar Games - At Home Wet Bar

If you own a home wet bar, it's important to always improve the ambience and its social appeal. The easiest way to get the party started: bar games! Check out this list of games that will guarantee your guests have a blast and take your home wet bar to the next level.

1. Board Games

Board games are always a safe and consistent way to create a welcoming and friendly social atmosphere. Games like Jenga and Taboo are great regardless of the type of group, and Cards Against Humanity is perfect for your adult crowd.

2. Poker

You can never go wrong with a game of poker! This is perfect for a business group you have over for company or even some of your work colleagues. We highly recommend the Poker chip set Da Vinci Premium 11.5 Gram Poker Chip Set. This is a phenomenal chip set that saves you money without sacrificing any quality. For the ultimate effect, we also recommend the poker table Homcom Deluxe Foldable Poker/Blackjack Table Top.

3. Darts

We find that it just doesn't seem quite as natural to throw darts without a drink nearby. Perfect solution: place your dartboard right next to your home wet bar! This is the perfect game to let you compete with friends and family while saving money on beer!

4. Dice Games

It doesn't get more affordable and versatile than this! Always have dice and cups available at your bar – a deck of cards also will come in handy. With these simple items, you offer up hundreds of game options for your guests. Without fail, these will have your guests satisfied while having a blast at your home wet bar. 

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