3 Ways to Customize Your Bar on Game Days

You’ve got the game on, a winning menu, and an all-star lineup of servers and bartenders, but to see fans rush into your place, you need a winning edge on your bar decor.

1. Kick Up the Menu

Get your chefs and marketing team to dream up some limited time specials for the biggest sporting events. IF you don't usually offer tailgate items on your menu such as Corn Dip, Cheese balls and chicken wings, introduce them for game days at a special price. Check out these game-day inspired menu items for inspo here.

2. Limited Game Day Drinks Specials

Don't stop your menu switch-up at the food. Introduce game day inspired drinks and/or drinks specials to your venue such as: 'Final Four Fireball Shots - 4 for $4' or 'Beer Margaritas' (beer mixed with limeade and tequila).

3. Bar Decor Goals

You can expect a lot of competition among nearby bars and restaurants for fans' business, so you need to step up your decor game. 

Themed props such as team-color party shades and necklaces are a given, but turn it up a notch by covering the table tops in AstroTurf (bought at locations such as Home Depot).

Last but not least, use bar lighting to reflect your bar's team colors. The best and most diverse bar lighting technology to utilize is your LED Back Bar. Back bars (AKA Liquor shelves, bar shelves, LED bar shelves and Lighted Bar shelves) highlight your liquor and increase top shelf liquor sales. 

Vipply's bar shelves can instantly change colors to reflect game days at a touch of a button!  Is your venue a Chicago Bulls bar? Turn your liquor shelves blue and white! LA Lakers Bar? Turn your shelves purple and gold (see below)! Want to add a party atmosphere when they score? Set the shelves to flash or strobe setting in an instant from your remote control. 

Everyone loves a little friendly competition, and we hope you're now ready to outshine the competition in your bar on game days. 

Want to know more about Vipply's changeable light bar shelves? Check them out here.